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Thank you all for visiting this website. This website is a humble attempt to share my work in landscape and Deep Sky Astrophotography.

My Name is Piyush Patel and among other things, all things Photography is my Passion. 

In 2009, it all started with buying my first telescope with an intention to do visual astronomy.  My first telescope was a Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron 9.25" on a CG-5 mount. Very soon, I realized that being so close to Boston, MA in a light polluted environment, visual astronomy was not ideal with less than spectacular view.

So, I shifted my attempt to capture images and since then over the next 8 years continued to upgrade the equipment and learning the techniques. 

Today, my imaging is using a TEC 140 ED Telescope mounted on an Astro-Physics 1100GTO mount using SBIG STT-8300M CCD Camera. My imaging train also has a 8-Position filter wheel - SBIG FW8G-STT for off-axis guiding and using Astrodon filter for LRGB and 5nm Narrow band imaging. The whole setup is housed in the backyard roll-off roof observatory with all aspects of imaging run autonomously by ACP Observatory Control and Scheduler software.

Hope you continue to enjoy my work.

Piyush Patel

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